ODIOUS Introduction

I’m Alex Seif, from Alexandria, Egypt. I’m representing Odious.
I would like to introduce the new album from Odious: Skin Age

They have recently released a track of their album, representing their effort for the last year.

Odious – Dungeon Keys (Skin Age)

Their effort in this album expresses their deep affection to their music and their genre which has progressed from Doom / Black Metal to Oriental Black Metal to Symphonic Oriental Black / Death Metal.

Odious Band is currently comprised of:
Basem Fakhry : Vocals, Lyrics, Keys and Music Composing
George Boulos : Drums and Percussion

The album was a collaboration of almost 100 significant people through the following entities:
The orchestra was recorded by FILMharmonic orchestra of Prague.
Vocals, guitars, bass and drums were recorded at DevaSoundz studio, Athens, Greece, with the cooperation of Christos Antoniou(from SepticFlesh)
Guitars and bass were recorded by Fotis Benardo (from SIXforNinE, ex-SepticFlesh)
Oriental instruments recorded at Teatro studio, Alexandria, Egypt.
Production; mixing and mastering at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Skin Age track list:
1-Crown of Centuries
2-Crystal Clear
3-A Picture of Dead Art
5-All the Evidence
6-New Mystery
7-Dungeon Keys
8-Hot Blood Fumes

A little history..

ODIOUS was founded in 1998 in Alexandria – EGYPT

In 2000 the band recorded an – unreleased – demo and it was oriental doom metal with black metal influences. After that, the band decided to unleash their energy by changing their style into pure oriental black metal.

Their second release, a mini-cd entitled ‘Summoned by Night’ was self- released in 2003 and it was widely distributed in Egypt. The demo received great reviews and more than respectful feedback which helped in making a huge fan base in Egypt.

ODIOUS has signed a deal with the Greek record label Sleaszy Rider Records on June 20, 2005 and released their first full length album entitled “Mirror of Vibrations” in July 2007.

Which accumulated +100K views not to mention the scattered media all over.

Now they have released a song and hoping for a label record deal.

Please contact me for additional questions, interviews, reviews or more details


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Skype: alex.seif

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